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Saturday, March 26th, 2005
7:27 am - collectible tea pots
Welcome to Spring Break 2005. I am pausing for your animal cry. There we go. So there's the beach, partying, sleeping, and food. Wait there's something else too, oh yea! Easter! I get chocolate...Somehow everone gets extremely hyped over spring break, like more than summer, why is that. Yes i love the beach too, and i love no scool. but it seems like it is turning into a week of nonstop parties. How do i know this, because i was at walmart the other night trying to buy a goldfish named Cornelius and i saw that all the the beer was gone, because all i wanted was some yoo-hoo. I am not condeming partying or saying that you shouldnt have fun on your spring break, i mean alvins island already printed the tee-shirts that say SB `05, so you have to have fun, but i am saying that not everyone views spring break that way..like me. I don't drink, its my own personal choice. So i think that we have very different views of how to live spring break 2005. I just tend to do it sober. But the thing that ticks me off is that most people dont pause for a second to think about Easter. Yea i know you were at the beach on Friday and went out and had a great time, but did you realize thats the day Christ was crucified? There's more to spring break than the sun and hangovers, i promise. He died, you can at least acknowledge. Sunday is tomorrow, thats Easter Sunday, meaning thats the day that Christ rose from the dead. Just remember. Besides that, have a wonderful Spring Break.

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
6:32 pm - 23 and fully matured
I have entered a new stage in my life, a stage of dance. Not having sex with your jeans on dance, but true dance. I know that you are horribly confused right now because up until this moment you never knew that dance had any other purpose than foreplay, but bare with me. My dance partner will be named Raul, he will have curly black hair, and chiseled features, and good cheekbones. We will glide around the dance floor like we are dancing on clouds, why? Because i am simply stunning like that...now all i need to do is learn how to dance...how hard could it possibly be....i bet watching save the last dance a couple times will do wonders. you just wait and see. While you continue your mating rituals on the dance floor, i will be creating poetry with my salsy feet and swiveling hips. You just wait and see.

One thing i have noticed is that people who say that they can dance, usually can't. I mean unless you are spinning on your elbow with your feet in the air, i really dont want to hear it. I'm sorry but being sandwhiched between two navymen and jumping up and down to nelly's newest hit, properly entitled "shake that thang", isn't really the king and I, now is it. So please put away your lucky jeans, and get some grace.

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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
3:12 pm - blink blink, and snap
Welcome, to round two.

If you will, travel back with me to a time when bathing suits were actually suits. You may be thinking that i am a feministic rebel leader who is revolting against women and non-conservative clothing, but in reality, i just want to know how far it is going to go. I mean we're talking about shin to neck walrus like outfits to thongs and candy dishes. I could understand this if women were getting progressively more attractive over the decades, but i spend a lot of time outside and i am just not seeing it. Maybe they are hiding in silver boxes that have really strong light bulbs and stench of rotting cell membranes. (didnt want to get anyone all roused up so early on). But ten years ago we were still sporting the one pieces and blue eye makeup, eventually i think we will be completely and utterly nude. I mean not even a necklace. That will be some day. So then there will be naked mammals in water, all we need is a cameraman and some leather skin and we will either have a discovery channel special so some type of porn that i am unfamiliar with.
I do admit the womens bathing suits are more appealing than mens skanky ones. Hip to knee, lets keep it at that. I dont want to see some 47 year old, hairy, wrinkled, dare i say...flabby..accountant walking around in a purple speedo. Note to all men who find that attractive, #1 you are most likely a homosexual..
#2 no one is looking at your killer thighs, please cover yourself, virgins are running.
In conclusion, to my fcat like compose`, i think everyone should just be naked

current mood: slowly breathing to death

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Saturday, June 12th, 2004
8:13 am - take that pig and run it in boy, run boy run
I am aware that Crackle Barrel is now open but if you will please remain seated, i will continue. Mr Jenkins, i see you, stop trying to escape through the childrens door, you are fat, give it up.

I like food a lot, it is my comfort, my companion, my friend. And sometimes we spend a little too much time together because i hate it when i eat way too much. The feeling like well the food is too good, i can't stop eating, it would be a waste. We know we should stop eating, but we don't, why? Because that last bit is taunting you, it knows you want it, and do i usually break down and eat the doughnut on the counter right now as we speak anways, yes, yes i do. And then i usually feel some remorse, but it goes away i promise. Thanksgiving is a prime example of this, i dont know what idiot designed the idea of dressing up to eat the dinner. Heck, i go in my pajama's and lay a pillow out on the couch so as soon as i cant go on, i just fall, and i am in for the week. Who wants to eat 30 pounds of turkey dressed up? Its like running a marathon in heels if you ask me, you just dont do it. But usually people dont ask me, they ask me to move, ask me the time, ask me ask me ask me aske me, But you dont see the penguins eating too much, no no, they have to remain limber and ready for anything, otherwise their other penguin friends will push them off a cliff into the ocean to check for sharks, the penguins know whats going on. yea they do. i wish i was a penguin

current mood: evil

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Monday, June 7th, 2004
10:37 am - the dogs were turning into whores, and no one knew what to do, but join them
Welcome back from your break, i hope you enjoyed the cookies and lemonade provided by mrs. sanders, always a sweetheart, yeah you are. If you could please take a seat again, i would like to continue the sermon....what, yea you like this robe dont ya, you want it, dont ya....see thats envy, welcome back.

I've probably touched on this before, but its on the list, so bare with me chachi. I dont know whats worse, being envied, or being the one that is doing the envying, if that is a word. See there, i said don't envy, but i want to have story time.

I think ice skating is under appreciated. Sure they are wearing the world's worst outfits, and are wearing those tan sock things. But have you seen them skate? They put tony hawk to shame in any Sear's. how could would it be if we used their skates could be used to slice cheese. You see them working at Jersey Mike's behind the deli. Triple axle to get some american cheese sliced up. To be a girl is cool as a figure skater, but the guys have to defend their sexuality even more than the guys that work at the Gap, which i mean, yea they are good dressers, but is their such a thing as too good of a dresser? Then the guy skaters get offended when you offer them a rainbow towel featuring a fresh spring scent, but hey Rodrigus! You are wearing purple tights, and are flying around ice like peter pan. Dont hate, just love, love love love, Love like bulimics love binging.

current mood: shooting up

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10:17 am - you're so vain
If you will please be seated, i would like to direct this sermon to a very special place, a place called "you arent as great as you think you are", yes thats somewhere in the Bible behind some rules or something, also known as pride.

Self-confidence is very important in life, if you dont think you are cool as jello, who else will? But watch out my jiggling friend, because then you get into pride, you think you are so hot that you could take your fingernail clippings and turn them into earing and make a fortune. Sorry sparky, but please come back down to earth. You know the type (yes i am getting sterotypical this morning so deal with it or find something else to read over breakfast), the type that walks into a room and then suddenly looks very annoyed, "why didn't they bow down when i came in the room??" well, because we were going to bow down to spit shine your Gucci shoes but decided that we weren't worthy enough to touch you. You don't see polar bears acting high and mighty because they have a white fur coat now do you, but we have the types around town that strut their white 2004 Explorer with spinners like their carrying the ark of the convenant. Naturally attractive people are blessed with a gift, but guess what chachi, i got some scissors and a pair of pliers so that gift can be returned, and i doubt anyone would convict me. So get off your high horse and get in the mud with the rest of us, before i take my shovel and break your ankles and drag you down here.

current mood: drowning in vodka

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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004
11:20 pm - welcome to heaven, would you like a paper in the morning?
the next 7 entries will be a very special 7 entries. each one will be dedicated to the seven deadly sins.


i hope you enjoy

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10:47 pm - hi i'd like to make a collect call
"it dont matter if my baby is black or white." yes it does, lets face reality this evening, black people are sexier than white people. Whitney Houston,Tyrese, Will Smith, Halle Berry, need i go on? Sure white people have some good moments, Brad Pitt, and very fine moment, fine indeed. White people have the whole blond hair blue eye thing going on, but that will only take you so far. Latino's have a good mix of sexines jiving, and spanards with the lucious accent. Columbians and others dont really have anything good going on but a bad criminal record, but its not their fault, they were persecuted at the turn on the century, oh wait, that was the Jews. But overall, black people are sexier, just watch me cross another line too, dont think that i wont. I dont know what crackers were thinking when we made black people slaves, they are prettier than us, they should rule us! Flawless skin, white teeth, amazing athletic ability. I dont care how fast uncle marty says you are, you will always be slower than a black person. Notice who hold every record possible. If we really want to act wordly, they are prettier, so they are better. Like totally the valley. You may be asking yourself why i am so shallow and judgemental, well my sad friend, its because i can be, so take your last season prada shoes somewhere else honey.

current mood: racist and loving it

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Monday, May 31st, 2004
10:47 pm - pass that shaving cream around the club and make it funky
what is a white lie? is there such a thing as a black lie? white is suppose to be pure and clean, but lying is not pure and clean i dont care how skinny you are telling your friend she is, she's not, she is fat, just say it. Feelings mend, lying doesn't. "Well i didnt turn him down because i didnt want to hurt his feelins" BULL! You wanted a free movie and a box of kitkats and knew he was the guy to pay for it, you are lying to him to get something! Lying is only about you. You may say you dont want to tell Susana that she is fatter than a pregnant cow because she would be sad, noooo my stoned friend, its because she would be mad at you. You You You. Are you getting this? If not its ok, because its very complicated.......NO! See i lied right there, wasnt that awful? Its easier than Paris Hilton ok? That was mean, but true, so now that we understand the difference between being mean, and being honest. Lets roll to another very important topic.

Skittles, taste the rainbow? I was driving to the store today and i saw a rainbow, and i thought of two things #1 God's promise about something about a flood #2 gay's at the beach all weekend thus me staying home, but nothing about skittles. They shot, and they missed on that one. Yes i understand the catchy similarity between the colors and the asian beauties under a waterfall raining skittles, but snap out of it snoopy, it won't happen. Just like nautica cowboy models kissing passionately on the floor of a rodeo won't make me buy mens cologne. Steadstone can go somewhere else because the only male cologne i'll be wearing is the model. But thats another story for another night with another botttle of vodka. Cheer up G

current mood: neighbors being barbecued

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Saturday, May 29th, 2004
3:01 pm - put down your stun gun and let me explain
you would think that i would have oodles of time to write, but playing outside is more fun

i hate crayons, i hate the smell, the way they color, and the texture. Whats to like about them?? they are made of wax, so they melt like chocolate in a minivan. when you color with them they leave white spots because they are a poor mans coloring utinsel. they are tiny so my pinkie has to hold it and that just gets uncomfortable after 4 rugrats coloring pages. Now markers are no better, sure they dont miss any spots and the color is boom boom bam bright, but it totally leaks through to the other side, and no one wants that, waste of paper, and what would Fern Gully say about that? You may be saying to yourself, "well what can i color with then??", well dont fret my pet, i have the answer, colored pencils. They are long enough to hold properly, they can be sharpened, they dont miss any spots, and they have a fresh wood scent that drives people wild.

current mood: destructive like none other

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Monday, May 24th, 2004
10:10 am - dirty diana where did you go
how amazing are bubbles? thats right we are breaking out some serious topics this morning since i dont feel like addressing world hunger, lets chat about some bubbles. you make them out of a thick gooey substance and they fly away, how cool would it be if bubbles could sing, that would be a cool bubble. i mean they could kind of dance around because they are so flexible, and maybe have little mouths that would open and sing some mr. jackson. that would make my day for serious. thats a funny saying, for serious, as opposed to "that would make my day just kidding"

so i am thinking about opening up a beach in Pace, i would haul in some sand possibly from that massive mound by home depot and bring in some blue construction paper for the water because not that many people swim anyways so they wouldnt know the difference. i could charge a fee too, and i would have the power to approve or send away bathing suits, its my party, i can make you cry if i want to. and no navy guys are allowed, its like a bad salad, they are always there and are always annoying. i might hire some neighborhood kids to run around the blue paper with fins strapped to their backs just to make it interesting, and then have the theme song to "jaws" constantly playing, but when its wave pool time, its "some kind of freaky" by some great 80's band. i think this beach could have serious potentional, might allow some kids to turn away from their life of crime and be a life guard or maybe a snow cone salesman, with medical benefits and all the syrup you can huff. happy summer chachi

current mood: chewing on a balloon

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Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
1:19 pm - welcome to the center of the earth, may i take you coat
Wha, yea thats right Wha, you have to leave your mouth open at the end too, to get the full affect.

Obviously enough, its summer time, so if you could put down your keg and tanning oil for a minute, i would like to rap. Actually just talk to you but i have always wanted to say "rap", now thats done, lets roll.

If you are one of those kids that sits home all summer and watches TRL, i bet this is going to affend you, but its for your own good. Can anyone tell me where we live? oh wait, yes timmy where? Florida, exactly, people pay to come here for vacation, and we live here, so get off the couch and go outside and play. I promise, Sisco's shakedown will still be there when you get back. Its like that verb commercial, just do something besides counting how many dorito's you can fit in your mouth without gagging. Which isnt that impressive to begin with. I heard a rumor about this big thing with sand and salt water, oh yea the beach, get you some. What? you dont have a ride to the beach, walk fool. Play outside, Note to you: If you come back to school in the fall looking whiter than when we left, somethings wrong. Skin cancer is bad, color is not. Some say that playing outside is for kids, well guess what! Kids arent fat and depressed, they are spunky with all kinds of energy, more than red bull if possible. Notice kids dont feel sorry for themselves, because they are so busy making mud pools, that there's no time for stress, so put down that remote, and that cookie, i see it, down fiddo, and go play outside, i bet your love handles that you will feel better afterwards

current mood: hey hey hey baby

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Friday, May 21st, 2004
6:20 am - please leave a message for kid rock
Lets talk about answering machines. Everyone has one, but no one ever leaves messages, why is that? You go through the trouble of recording that message saying that you arent home because you are so popular so good luck trying to get a hold of you, and then we chicken out and hang up as soon as it goes BEEP. If you do leave a message it shows just how desperately you need to talk to that person, making you look desperate, and no one wants to call a desperate person, now do we. Then you have the messages that you dont know are recording, like you pick up the phone right as it cuts on but you dont know it did so your entire family can hear what your saying to Billy about what happened the other night in his truck, that can be bad. Thats the time where you need a best friend to bust a matrix move and karate chop the phone, cutting off the deadly conversation. Watch out for the fax too, gets you every time. In some ways, when you are trying so hard to get in contact with someone, and the anwering machine does cut on, its kind of sad. I mean if they dont have one you can sit on the phone for hours letting it ring, or until their cat chews the wires. But when that voice comes on, its like "huh, they really arent going to answer my call, are they, i wanted to talk to them, why didnt they want to talk to me?"

The actual message on the machine is usually awful. Its the same thing, why say who's house it is? dont you think we know who we are calling? Leave a message and we'll call you back? NOOO you just want us to lower ourselves and leave you a message making you feel high and mighty, well guess what Shaquara it isnt going to happen. I refuse to leave any messages from this day forth. No voicemail, no "hey its me, call me" nothing, if you want to talk to me, You can contact me, I will now have a religious burning of my answering machine in my front yard. Excuse me.

current mood: chow

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Saturday, May 15th, 2004
9:44 pm - sin and barbecue, together at last
Welcome for these brief moments, to the inner workings of my semi-warped mind. Hey its my bellybutton, hi brad, ok and we're back.

I wonder who invented vending machines, they are a marvelous idea, fast, easy, cheap, kind of like some girls in my first block, but lets stay focused. Have you noticed that it started out with just drinks, then it moved to small snacks, you had the candy, and maybe a poptart if you were lucky. Now we have ice cream, even dip and dots, the ice cream of the future, thats here now. Odd. We have pretzels, and doughnuts, and gum, and everything else great on this Earth. I have a theory that it will not stop at small snacks, no no my friend, it will keep going. I predict the day that a small oriental man named Won, will sit in a vending machine and you insert money and he makes you fried rice with peking duck. Then slides it through the little door thing that your arm wont quite reach up to. We already have coffee and such, so i also predict the day that you can have more than food, thats right, even poetry readings, you select the button and your childhood favorite nursery rhyme "who shot the cat" will be played through head phones. Then strippers will be processed into small cube like containers and sold by the dozen. I see the future, and its in the shape of a vending machine. And they thought it would end at orange soda's.......

current mood: parched but not complaining

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Thursday, May 13th, 2004
3:09 pm - show me them pearly whites child
What is the big deal with teeth? Everyone has them, they are all the same size. But we spend thousands and thousands of dollars having them straightened for years, whitened, and polished. Teeth are designed for chewing food, thats it. But we (we being the public of society and the guy with really straight hair on ET on MTV) think that teeth are the center point of the face, and without white straight teeth, you are nothing. You can actually have fake perfect white teeth put on your teeth, so it looks like you have permament tic tacs in your mouth at all times. You will notice bad teeth though. You know the kind, the ones that are so jacked up you think it might be better to knock them all out and get dentures. Or non white teeth, it shows, the kind where you cant really tell where the teeth stop and the skin begins. Teeth do give you a beautiful smile, and that never goes unnoticed.

But why teeth all of a sudden? White strips are selling like hot cakes these days. Why not another feature? Because teeth are the only things that we can really control. Sure it may require metal wires to be strung out all of your teeth for years, but its worth it. At the time you felt like you could fit both of your fists inside your mouth because it was so enlarged. But once you get the braces off, you feel like a free bird, singing a new song for the first time. Like Toxic,or something inspiring like it.

Teeth are a very important quality, i think the mouth is the greatest part of a face, well maybe eyes, but since they came out with colored contacts, there's just no telling if he really has blue eyes, they are so tricky like that, tricky.

still tricky

current mood: a small amount of insane

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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
7:38 pm - thats an ugly baby, yes sir indeed
What is the point of middle names? Are there so many people in the world that we must have three names to be an individual? In Bible times, you had one name, David, John, Paul, and so on. They knew who they were, we know who they are. I understand the last name, because you dont want to have to continuely explain that you are dating Brad the soccer player, not Brad the pop star, that could be a hassle, kind of like untying a rubber band ball, but thats for another time. So we have the first and last names, but to add the middle one, pointless. No one actually says it, you dont write it on papers. Some say its to remember past relatives, well they are dead, they wont know the difference. Its just another useless thing we have to remember.

If you truely think about how many things we are required to remember, you will be amazed. Your name for one, this could be harder than expected, you dont call yourself, so how are you suppose to remember these things, your phone numbers, your adress, email, social security, weight (realistic and hopeful), height, and your friends phone numbers alone could make you go nuts.

Its no wonder we came out with palm pilots, too much info to keep in the head. And they say in the olden days they lived without organizers, well in the olden days every person didnt have 2 lines, a cell, and a fax number to remember.

They (meaning scientist that i dont know, but assume what they say is true), say that the average human uses 15% of their brain in their lifetime. Some might be outraged at this and go read some latin music sheets or something. But this is more than fine with me, in fact! lets bring that number down a little, we dont want to push ourselves. Ok you get really really smart, then you die, what's the point. I am telling you your one and only lesson of the day. Education is highly overated by people that dont have one so they spend their lives regulating everyone else's. I say revolt! Fight the system that requires you to be intelligent! i like you stupid! lets just burn the books and dance around the fire singing.

current mood: FIGHT

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Sunday, May 9th, 2004
5:39 pm - so, i had a great time tongiht, maybe call me later?

If I may, allow me to take you back to a past time, a time when things happened like they do in movies, a time when dating actually occured. I am not talking about going out, or a real relationship even. I am talking about a "what are you doing this weekend, do you want to see a movie", type of deal. Sure you do this with your boyfriend/girlfriend, but who actually asks a person out on a date, when its just the two of them. I think people are working too much with nets these days. They are so afraid of rejection, that they simply miss out. I could start barking at the male race right now, and encourage them to attempt to salvage what is left of their reputation, but i must restrain.......for now at least.

The ideal situation is as follows, boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy asks girl out on date, girl says yes, girl and boy live happily ever after. Against popular demand though, life does not follow ideal situations, so we must adapt. I will willfully give up the fairytale for some good ice cream. I will let go of the flowers, the anniversaries, and the midnight movies, for an amazing bowl of chocolate ice cream with cherries from Marble Slab. I have learned from past experiences, that boys are not trustworthy, boys are not dependable, but ice cream, my friend ice cream will never leave you for the best friend, ice cream will never cheat on you, ice cream will never make you wish you didnt meet ice cream. I will admit to the health crisis that can be obtained from ice cream. But what is better, skinny and miserable, or fat and happy. I rest my case. I do note that this goes against all previous entries, but that is the feeling of the moment, that and my dog licking peanut butter off of my toes.

What if you never get married, what if you never really do meet that special someone, or what if you do, but are so caught up in ice cream that you dont give them a chance. If you actually consider these things, its a miracle that people ever get married. This would be my luck, i would be walking down the street and my future husband would be walking towards me, i would be opening my mouth to say hi, and my mom would call my cell phone to ask if i could pick up banana's at the store, and i would never see him again. I guess its time i accept the truth.

This is me, giving up the fairy tale.

current mood: ice cream is good

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Friday, May 7th, 2004
3:04 pm - are you there, are you there
hi i'm scuba bob, scuba steve's father.

have you ever noticed that much of our lives is occupied with other people's lives. its a sad reality to face. "did you hear that joey and roxanne are breaking up because he had sex with her brother??" you know its happened. we realize in the middle of the night while we listen to 99.9 the smooth rock station, that there is really not a whole lot going on in our own lives, so we take other people's drama and put it apon ourselves. example #1- why are you so stressed?? "well Ragul and Tiffany are on the rocks and i am stressing over it". exactly, so if you dont have any drama of your own, you latch onto other people's lives, like those silver fish that are on the backs of sharks. but without fins. thats a normal thing to do because you dont want to feel totally alone, because then you might do something crazy, like spend time with your family, and we just cant have that.

then you have the sick people. the sadistic ones. the kind that will probably grow up to be the crazy people on top of buildings picking off random citizens with a sniper rifle, and singing show tunes while doing it. they are the ones that create drama, just so they dont have to face the harsh reality of their meaningless consumer driven lives (copyrights to "ten things i hate about you, how fine is heath ledger?) anyways, they will spread rumors, actually attack the people, or blow something up just so they have something to do. they might seduce their best friends boyfriend so she can tell her friend that the guy hit on her, and when they break up, she goes out with the guy. thats the kind of sickness i am talking about. no i have never done that so stop thinking it, ok maybe once. or telling everyone that the quarterback has AIDS, that will start something real fast, i promise.

but this is the main point, people want other people's drama, not their own. who do you know that says "i am so happy todd dumped me for my sister and that my parents are divorcing" exactly, no one wants the drama thats happening to them. and no one wants the drama thats happening to anyone else. here it is....we say that we want to have stuff going on but we dont. we like the drama of everyone else, but dont want to have to deal with it. we all secretly want to be those fish on the backs of sharks, and thats all i have to say about that

current mood: sadistic freak

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
11:31 pm - who's that girl walking down the street
now the door, of my world, is desire. thankyou lauren hill, its about time someone put it into words.

Have you ever been so caught up in something that you totally forget where you are and what you are doing. The spoon is still in your mouth and milk is all over your chin because you are so caught up, not that something like that ever happens to me or anything...i have perfected it.

the worst is probably when a teacher calls on you and you are in mid spaced out, so totally not on earth, checked out mood, you suddenly realize a lot of things very fast. you now notice that everyone in the room is turned around looking at you, including that really cute guy behind you. you have been applying chap stick for the past 11 minutes without noticing it, so your lips are too thick to answer, even if you did know the answer, which you dont. you panic because all eyes are all on you and you secretly are hoping that no one saw the drool that you just wiped off your face, now you are wondering, "how long have they been staring at me??" so you humbly either guess the answer, or say the worst thing in the world "i dont know". sends chills down my spine just thinking about it. so after the whole ordeal, you sink down in your chair and bury your face in your notes. then you zone out again and repeat the previous experience all over again.

i think teachers secretly want to humilitate you so they call on you just because you arent paying attention, but you arent making noises, usually, so why cant they just let you dream about Brad Pitt in the jungle, you arent disturbing class. typical apes

chopped you up and left you for dead

current mood: break it down Edardo

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Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
2:45 pm - harrods- the true gentlemans department store
Have you ever noticed that there seem to be more bad days than good days. Sometimes there are those days where you walk into your house bouncing off the walls and it keeps going up from there. Then there are the days where you stand outside your door for a second and think "whats the point, just another let down inside". Those days seem to happen more than the happy days. There are the days were nothing bad happens, but nothing good happens, a lot like jello, i mean its not great, but its not bad, just, there. But the smallest things can alter it, it can turn from good to ugly real fast, like rocky road ice cream to the "rock" movie boy.

Good Day Example #1- your clothes somehow end up matching and everyone notices. Aaron Aston doesnt bump into you on accident, its to talk. There is a freak freezer accident in the cafeteria and all the ice cream must go for free. The copier ate all of your math tests so instead you watch the Lion King. The person you have liked for a while comes up out of no where and says they like you. Its raining so practice is cancelled. Your parents decide that you need more allowance, and go out to eat. You get mail. You fall asleep knowing it was a good day.

Bad Day Example #1- your clothes match, or so you thought till you arrived at school, where its raining. So now your birkenstocks are now soaked but it at least goes with your soaked jeans. Your hair is now, well, lets not go there. You remember what you had to do last night instead of watching Friends reruns, study for your history exam, which you thought was next week. You dont have any money for lunch, so you resort to stealing crackers, then you get caught stealing them, so you are now in after school detention. You are late to practice because of detention and miss your ride home because you are staying after running. You are walking home, in the rain. You get to your house, and your parents know about the detention. They ground you. You boyfriend/girlfriend calls to say that they want to break up, but can they have your best friends phone number. You drive to the store for your mom, you get caught speeding, and the cop searches your car, your neighbor left her bag in your car and it has pot in it. So you go to sleep in prison, knowing it was a bad day.

So even if you are having a bad day, and it seems like it cant get anyworse, remember, you could be fat. I joke, something is bound to happen soon, and if not. At least you had a laugh reading this. You know you laughed.

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